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Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS Football

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WHY:  To be more consistent as a team.  Coaches will be enforcing the following consequences for violating team policies.  If you have any questions, ask your position coach.

Policy Violation  

Late to Practice

  • Hills/ Bearcrawl-as deamed by position coach (after prac)—PIT!
  • 2 laps upon arrival—PIT!

Missing Practices (unexcused)—–1 GAME SUSPENSION—PIT!

  • 1st Offense—1 Game Suspension
  • 2nd Offense-2 Game Suspension
  • 3rd Offense-Possible Removal from the Team

Not attending mandatory weight room sessions

  • If you do not attend mandatory weight rm sessions, the more likely injury is to occur.
  • We strongly encourage all athletes to participate in weight traning sessions.
  • weight training builds strength, agility, & speed!
  •  You will be able to COMPETE!

Disrespecting Coaches/Teammates/Teachers/Missing Classes

  • 1 Game Suspension
  • Possible Removal from the Team

Dress Code

  • Sprints (by position coach)
  • Bearcrawls) by position coach)

Fighting or school suspension 

  • 2 Game Suspension—PIT
  • Possible Removal from the Team


  • Push-ups (by position coach)—PIT!
  • Sit-ups (by position coach)—PIT!

Locker Room area not cleanly maintained

  • WHOLE TEAM GASSERS (20 by Head Coach)