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7 ON 7


Brief Description by Coach Pope

  7 on 7 Varsity Competitons & Tournaments For 2017 June-July

  • Battle of the Beltway
  • Dates:  June 3rd
  • Cost:   $255 Per Team
  • Address: 51 University Blvd E, Silver Spring, MD 20901


  • University of Maryland- Big Man & 7 on 7 challenge 6/10/17
  • Dates:   SATURDAY 10th
  • Time:   All Players & Coaches Report at 7:30 am
  • Registration:   8 am—Coaches register teams!   50 teams
  • Address:  UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND 90 Stadium Dr, College Park MD 20742
  • Parking:  Parking located at area 1B behind the press box.
  • Cost:    $275 Per Team


Landon/Georgetown Prep League Passing League

Dates:   June 12th/ 14th/ 19th/ 21st/ 26th/ 28th


Georgetown Prep and Landon School

7 on 7 Schedule 2017 All Sessions Start at 6:00 pm

Monday, June 12 @ Landon 

Landon School, Churchill, Potomac, BCC, Maret

Wed., June 14 @ Landon

Landon, BCC , Richard Montgomery, Springbrook 

 Monday, June 19 @ Georgetown Prep

Georgetown Prep, BCC, Churchill, Blake, Maret

Wed.,June 21 @ Georgetown Prep

Georgetown Prep, BCC, Springbrook, Einstein HS

Mon., June 26@ Landon Mon.

Landon School, Potomac, BCC, Springbrook, Maret

 June 28 @ Georgetown Prep

Georgetown Prep, Einstein HS, Bullis, BCC


  • Frostburg State University Campus-  “Shoot out in the Hills” Passing Tournament
  • Dates:  June 17th
  • Cost:  $200 Per Team
  • Address:  101 Braddock Rd, Frostburg, MD 21532


  •  Blake High School-    1st Annual Rising Greene 7 on 7  Tournament at  Blake High School. 
  •  Dates:   June 24th
  •  Cost:   $250
  • Address:  300 Norwood Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20905


  • War of Wootton
  • Dates:  July 8th
  • Cost:  $275 Per Team
  • Address:  2100 Wootton Pkwy, Rockville, MD 20850

There will be other competitions that Barons Football program may attend.

Image result for seven on seven football

In a football coach’s toolbox, the 7-on-7 is quickly becoming one of the favorite methods of evaluation and chemistry-building during summer contact days.

Organized 7-on-7 leagues grew out of flag football, which got its start on Army bases during the 1940s as a means of recreation for military personnel.

Fast-forward a few decades, and it is now one of the hottest new tactics in college recruiting.

“Basically, we’re wanting to work on skills and installing what we’re running this season, guidelines require games to be played with a 30-minute running clock on 40-yard fields, plus an additional 10 yards for the end zone. All possessions start at the 40-yard line, no matter where the defense stops the offense.

For programs that are rebuilding or undergoing a coaching transition, 7-on-7s can be an effective process to determine what assets a coach has to work with. B-CC will be attending multiple 7 on 7’s this year and would like to ask for PARENT SUPPORT!