Dear B-CC Mulch Supporters:


Based on the information provided by Governor Larry Hogan regarding the closing of nonessential businesses as of 5 pm last evening, we are not able to have our mulch delivered to us, nor are we able to use professional landscapers to deliver it to you.


After thinking long and hard and discussing many options, we have come to the decision that we need to cancel the mulch sale for this year. Your support and your kind words over the last few weeks have been uplifting.  It is a difficult and uncertain time for us all and our first priority is safety.  We are sorry that we cannot fulfill our promise to you this year, but we will be back in full force next year.  We hope you will be back too!

You have three options moving forward:
1) Donate the cost of your mulch purchase to B-CC Athletics
2) Donate a portion of your mulch purchase to B-CC Athletics
3) Request a full refund

Please understand that in the following weeks we must process almost 800 requests, so your patience is appreciated. Please LIMIT your email to just the information we request at this time. Although we won’t be responding we will be processing your request.

We ask that you do the following:

A) send an email to

B) include your full name (the one used to place your order)

C) type one of the following:
– Donate All
– Donate Some (how much $$$)
– Refund All


Be Safe, Be Healthy, Be A Baron!