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What to know about B-CC Cheer

The purpose of the cheer teams of B-CC High School is to encourage school spirit within the student body, to develop a sense of good sportsmanship, and to better relationships between schools during athletic events. To maintain these high standards, the following rules and requirements have been established.

ATTENDANCE: All cheerleaders must be at all practices, games, or other events. Cheerleaders should not expect to cheer if they have missed practice for an unexcused reason or the absence was not approved by the coach. There is a fall and winter commitment for varsity cheer and fall only for jv. Practices will be held twice a week with games once or twice a week. Competitions will be held throughout the year.

BEHAVIOR/CONDUCT:  All cheerleaders will abide by the conduct policy established by B-CC High School and MCPS athletics. The coach will determine penalties for conduct unbecoming. Cheerleaders will:

  1. Display good sportsmanship at all times.
  2. Treat coaches, teammates, faculty, staff, and parents with respect.
  3. Be positive representatives of B-CC High School.
  4. Treat social media with care.

SAFETY:  All cheerleaders will abide by the safety rules set forth by the Maryland High School Athletic Association and Maryland State Cheer Association at all practices, games, and events.

  1. Cheerleaders must wear appropriate clothing and cheer shoes to all practices and events.
  2. Fingernails must be kept short. The length of the nails may not be longer than the tips of fingers.
  3. Hair must be worn away from the face and may not touch the shoulders. No whispies or chunks of hair on the side of the face are allowed. Bangs are legal but may not touch the eyebrows. Hair must be styled so that the full ear is showing.
  4. No jewelry of any kind is allowed during any cheerleading activity including practice, games/meets, or any other required events.
  5. Proper stunt progressions must be followed in order for cheerleaders to advance to higher level stunts.

GRADES: All cheerleaders will abide by the academic eligibility policy set forth by MCPS.

Initial/Yearly investment needs: personal supplies that the cheerleader will need throughout their time on the team

  • Initial/Warmups (pant and jacket combination)
  • Initial/Cheer Bag
  • Initial/Cheer Shoes
  • Initial/Socks and Hair supplies
  • Initial/Under uniform gear
  • Yearly/Mandatory practice/spirit shirts & shorts

UNIFORM:  All cheerleaders will be issued a uniform that must be returned at the end of the season. This uniform must be treated with care and may not be permanently altered in any way and returned clean in a clear bag.

FUNDRAISING: All cheerleaders will be expected to participate in fundraising activities performed by the team and will get coach approval for missing fundraising activities.

SUMMER REQUIREMENTS: Potential jv and varsity cheerleaders are may elect to attend a summer camp, but they will pay the registration fee out of pocket with no promise or expectation of making the team.