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Baron Student Athlete Nominations for the Fall:

Lillian Parr, Poms
Lillian is one of our senior captains who balances a busy practice and performance schedule while also maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Lillian exemplifies qualities such as leadership, loyalty, and integrity that assist her in being an outstanding student and athlete.

Leighton Katz, Cheerleading
Leighton Katz is an extremely talented Varsity cheerleader who makes cheerleading look easy. Leighton can do it all; she tumbles, she has excellent jumps and flexibility, she’s an outstanding dancer, and she is a strong flyer. The things she can do in the air are things many people can’t even do on the ground. She is a spirited Barons sports fan who is always cheering on other athletes.

Cecile Michon, Field Hockey
Cecile may not be the player to get all the glory in the stat book, but she is the player you want on your team… as a coach or teammate. The drive and dedication she has for field hockey is so rare to find. She is a difference maker.  Cecile is the player putting in the work before and after practice, pushing herself to keep improving, as well as making her teammates better players. She is truly a selfless player and that shows everyday on the field. Cecile not only stands out as the best player on our team, but she  is the standout player every game against all opponents.

Cecile has recorded 3 goals and 7 assists this season.

Aroyenwun Oluwatosin, Football

Sage Donaldson, Football
Tosin and Sage are both captains who are part of the council on football team.  The council is made up of great young men who exemplify character, leadership qualities, team work and hard work.  Tosin is a Sr. who plays offensive center/defensive nose gaurd and gives a 100 % effort every play.  Sage is more of a leader by example and very disciplined.  He currently plays outside line backer for the Barons, who through his quiet strength and character, is able to lead others by example. Both young men have stressed academic excellence as well!

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