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Girls Cross Country

B-CC Cross Country Fall 2016

Join our Yahoo Group: or send an email to: for info and announcements.


Practice Begins on Wednesday August 10th at 7:30am @ Candy Cane (7901 Meadowbrook Lane, Chevy Chase) Attendance beginning on August 15th is mandatory.  Athletes on vacation or arriving late will not be able to join the team.


Bring with you…

Running specific shoes – (get fit for shoes at RnJ or GRC, Fleet Feet etc.), running watch – digital with a stopwatch feature, full water bottle


Must turn in ALL required forms* by Monday August 8th.  You can drop off or mail in forms to Chad Young, Cross Country Coach, 4301 East West Hwy, Bethesda, Md 20814

*Required forms: Physical, Medical Card, Student-Parent Contract, transportation form are here:


Sample Beginner Runner Training Schedule in Miles:

Week Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun Goal Total
5/23 – 5/29 2 2 3 Bike/Swim 2 4 Bike/Swim 13
5/30 – 6/5 2 2 3 Bike/Swim 2 4 Bike/Swim 13
6/6 – 6/12 2 2 3 2 2 4 Bike/Swim 15
6/13 – 6/19 3 2 4 Bike/Swim 2 5 Bike/Swim 16
6/20 – 6/26 3 3 4 3 3 5 Bike/Swim 21
6/27 – 7/3 3 3 5 3 3 6 Bike/Swim 23
7/4 – 7/10 4 4 5 Bike/Swim 3 6 Bike/Swim 22
7/11 – 7/17 4 3 6 4 4 6 Bike/Swim 27
7/18 – 7/24 4 4 6 4 3 7 Bike/Swim 28
7/25 – 7/31 3 4 6 Bike/Swim 3 8 Bike/Swim 24
8/1 – 8/7  4  5  4 3 Bike/Swim   29

Sample Returning Runner Training Schedule in Miles:

Week Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun Total
5/23 – 5/29 2 2 2-3 2 2 3-4 Bike/Swim 13-15
5/30 – 6/5 2-3 2-3 3-4 1-2 2-3 3-5 Bike/Swim 14-21
6/6 – 6/12 3 2-3 2-3 2 2-3 2-3 4 14-21
6/13 – 6/19 5 3 4 5 Bike/Swim 5 6 21-28
6/20 – 6/26 3 3 4 Fartlek 5 3 4 6 21-28
6/27 – 7/3 3 Tempo 5 4 Farlek 3 Bike/Swim 4 7 21-28
7/4 – 7/10 4 Tempo 5 4 Fartlek 4 4 5 7 28-35
7/11 – 7/17 4 6 6 5 7 4 Tempo 8 35-42
7/18 – 7/24 4 6 Fartlek 5 6 7 4 Tempo 8 35-42
7/25 – 7/31 5 6 5 Tempo 7 7 5 9 42-50
8/1 – 8/7*  6  7 8  10  42-50
  • These are just samples-Email Coach Young if you need something more individualized
  • *Running Camp Runners will have a different schedule this week
  • Email Coach Young for details if you are interested in attending running camp

Summer Runs:  

Girls 8:30am each weekday at Candy Cane and 9am on Saturdays @ B-CC

Boys 7am weekdays at Candy Cane, 9am Saturdays at B-CC.

Incoming freshmen and new additions are expected to join the team for summer runs!

Post weekly mileage on the yahoo group database!!


Summer Running Tips:

*Try to vary the pace each day – and within each run.

*If running an out and back – try to make coming back slightly faster.

*Try to vary the distance you run each day.

*Take some days easy with low mileage and experiment with some longer runs (just make sure that the long run doesn’t exceed 25% of your weekly mileage).

*Run with teammates – text or email meeting times and try to run with 4-5 other people.  This will help to make things fun and help to keep you and your teammates accountable.

*Mix in swimming, biking or other activities in addition to running – not as a substitute for running.

*Establish a routine for running, stretching, and weight training/circuit drills. (you should be doing strength work at least every other day).


Preseason Practice Schedule:

8/10–8/13 Optional practice at Candy Cane 7:30am-9:30am (forms must be turned in)

8/15-8/22 (except Sunday) Mandatory practices begin at Candy Cane 7:30am-9:30am

8/23-8/25 Practice at Candy Cane 3:30-5:30pm

8/26 B-CC Blue-Gold Scrimmage and potluck BBQ at 6pm at Candy Cane

8/27 Practice at Candy Cane 7:30-9:30am

8/29 First day of school – practice each weekday from now on at B-CC 3-5pm

9/3 Optional practice at Candy Cane 7:30am-9:30am (if you’re in town, you should be there)

9/5 Labor day (no practice)


Practice and meets during the school year:

Practice during the school year will be Monday-Friday from 3pm-5pm and each Saturday from 7:30am-9:30am when we don’t have a meet.  Attendance at all practices and meets is mandatory.  The meet schedule is posted below.



Coach Chad Young –

Coach Emily Young –


Katherine Ellis – Senior Runner – – 301-442-6584

Zoe Nuechterlein – Senior Runner – – 301-957-4584
Jacob Rains – Senior Runner – – 301-466-0058

Jonah Rosenblum – Senior Runner – – 202-770-5642


How can I calculate my mileage?:  

Run a mile or two off of the track at what you think your average pace is, and then run another mile on the track to try and maintain that pace – time the mile on the track to estimate your average mile pace. Try this multiple times to improve your accuracy.  Then on runs off the track just take the total run time and divide it by your average pace per mile.  You can also try to run on a trail that is marked with mile-markers.  GPS watches aren’t always accurate but are a decent measure as well.


REQUIRED FORMS  Please try to have forms mailed or dropped off at school by Monday August 8th. Doctor appointments are very hard to get the closer you get to the start of the fall sports season. If you have not made an appointment, please do so ASAP.



Clearance page is needed. It must be signed by a doctor and dated within one year to be valid. If your physical is on file with B-CC already and dated after November 2015 then you are cleared until November 2016.

This form is needed once per school year.


Med Card:

Please both on one side or print front-to-back so it’s not on two separate pages.

This form must be filled out for each sports season.


Parent Permission Form:

This form must be filled out for each sports season. Only turn in the last 2 pages and print front-to-back if possible.


Transportation Form:

Everyone must fill this out each sports season. This form is used to give permission for alternate transportation to your student when we do not take a county school bus. Please check the boxes that indicate how you will allow them to get to a meet and then sign the bottom. (don’t worry about principal signature)


Concussion History Form:

Everyone must fill this out.


Concussion and cardiac awareness form:

Everyone must fill this out.


Concussion Baseline testing Permission Form:

Required for those due for concussion testing this season (for anyone who did not do testing last school year – mostly Juniors and incoming Freshmen)


All MCPS Athletics concussion information can be found here:


ECA Fee link:

Every student that participates in an extra-curricular activity must pay this fee one time per school year.



Wed. 8/10 Practice Begins at Candy Cane

Fri. 8/26 Blue-Gold Scrimmage at 6pm at Candy Cane

Tues. 9/6 Woodward Relays 3:30pm at Georgetown Prep

Wed. 9/14 B-CC and Wootton at Landon 3:30pm

Sat. 9/17 Adidas XC Challenge (top-12ish only) Overnight trip in Cary, NC

Tues. 9/20 WJ and RM at B-CC at 3:30pm at Candy Cane

Sat. 9/24 DCXC Invite at Kenilworth Park, DC — this meet is tentative and not guaranteed

Tues. 9/27 B-CC at QO at 3:30pm at Smokey Glen Farm

Wed. 10/5 B-CC and Churchill at Landon

Sat. 10/8 Glory Days Invite at Bull Run Regional Park in Manassas, VA

Sat. 10/22 MCPS Championship (ACT day – avoid this day if possible or schedule near G-Burg) at 2:30pm at Gaithersburg HS – everyone competes

Thurs. 11/3 4A West Regional at 3pm at Gaithersburg HS – varsity only

Sat. 11/12 State Championship at Hereford HS – varsity only



Tues. 11/15 Tryouts Begin

Sat. 12/3 MCPS #1 (Scrimmage) at 8:30am at PG Sportsplex – 10 entries per event (SAT day – avoid this day if possible)

Tues. 12/6 MCPS #2 at 2:30pm at PG Sportsplex – 3 entries per event

Sat. 12/17 PR Holiday Invitational at PG Sportsplex – 2 per entries per event

Tues. 12/27 MCPS #3 at 11:30am at PG Sportsplex – 10 entries per event – most likely indoor meet for everyone to be entered.

Sat. 1/14 Montgomery Invitational at 9am at PG Sportsplex – very limited entries

Wed. 1/18 MCPS Championship at 2:30pm at PG Sportsplex – 1 entry per event, 2 if both have the standard, and 3 wildcards

Sat. 1/21 Last Track to Philly Invite at 8:30am at Georgetown Prep (SAT day – avoid this day if possible) – many will compete in this meet.

Thurs. 2/9 4A West Regional at 4pm at PG Sportsplex – 3 entries per event (only top-24 entries in region accepted)

Tues. 2/21 State Championship at 4pm at PG Sportsplex


Indoor track scheduling notes: Since the MCPS #1 meet falls before the first allowed game date it will count as a scrimmage and times/marks will be unofficial. We will have 10 entries per event though and most athletes on the team will participate in this meet. MCPS #2 will be a smaller group with only 3 entries allowed we will enter more top athletes in this meet. There may be some overlap but we will probably enter athletes in MCPS #1 or MCPS #2 and not in both meets. MCPS #3 is over winter break, but is an official meet with all events contested and we will try to enter everyone who is available. With limited opportunities for some, this would be a good meet to try to be around for.



Wed. 3/1 Tryouts Begin

Tues. 3/22 B-CC at Whitman 3:30pm – everyone will be entered

Tues. 3/28 B-CC and Wootton at Walter Johnson 3:30pm – everyone will be entered

Sat. 4/1 Cougar Relays at 9am at Quince Orchard – many will be entered, but limited

Tues. 4/4 B-CC at Richard Montgomery – everyone will be entered

Sat. 4/8 Woodward Relays at 8:30am at Georgetown Prep (ACT day – try to avoid if possible) Also, this is the start of spring break but we do plan to have a large number entered.

Tues. 4/19 B-CC at Churchill at 3:30pm – everyone will be entered

Fri. 4/21 Viking Invite at 5:30pm at Walter Johnson – very limited entries

Sat. 4/22 Viking Invite at 9am at Walter Johnson – 2 entries per event

Thurs.-Sat. 4/27-29 Penn Relays at UPenn, Philadelphia, PA – very limited entries

Sat. 5/6 Katie Jenkins Invite at 2:30pm at Sherwood HS (this meet starts in afternoon so SAT on this day OK) – 2 entries per event

Wed. 5/10 MCPS Championship at 4pm at Northwest – 1 entry per event, 2 if both hit the standard, and 3 wildcards

Sat. 5/13 MCPS B Meet at 9am at Einstein – most not entered in A meet will be entered

Wed. 5/17 4A West Regional at 4pm at Quince Orchard – 3 entries per event

Thurs. 5/18 4A West Regional at 4pm at Quince Orchard – 3 entries per event

Fri. 5/26 State Championship at 4pm at Morgan State University

Sat. 5/27 State Championship at 11am at Morgan State University


Outdoor track scheduling notes: Even though spring break begins Friday 4/7 and there’s an ACT, please try to be available for Woodward Relays on 4/8. We can enter many athletes and would like to have a large group at this meet. For Katie Jenkins on 5/6 the quadrathlon will be in the AM so if you are hoping to do that this year just know that it is an SAT day – the rest of this meet begins at 2:30pm so there should be no conflict with SAT for everyone else.


The 2017-2018 school year will kick off with FALL ATHLETICS TRYOUTS beginning on AUGUST 9, 2017. As August 9 draws closer look back at your sports page for more specific tryout information such as where and when to meet for the tryouts. Some sports may elect to begin tryouts on August 12, 2017. Field hockey […]


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